Outcast Vol. 1 – REVIEW

OutcastVol1_CoverTitle: Outcast Vol. 1
Author: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Paul Azaceta
Original Publication Date: January 15th, 2015
Publisher: Image Comics
Number of Pages: 152

Quick Synopsis: Demonic possession has overtaken Kyle Barnes’ entire life and it’s time for him to get some answers.

I’m going to be super honest here: I really wasn’t a fan of the art style at first. I think if I continuously consume a certain type of art style for too long, I can’t stray from it. As of late, I’ve definitely been super into a more cutesy style that instantly catches attention. After reading this for a bit, I realized that the art style was absolutely perfect for the type of story being told.

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Paper Girls 1

PaperGirls_Vol01-1Title: Paper Girls 1
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrator: Cliff Chiang
Original Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
Publisher: Image Comics
Number of Pages: 144

Quick Synopsis: 1988, Stony Stream, Ohio. A group of young paper girls set out on their morning route, only to be interrupted by shenanigans. –Collects Issues #1-5.

Look, I can’t tell you what interrupts their route. Trust me. You’ll want to go in knowing as little as possible. That’s exactly what I did and I’m so happy nothing was ruined for me.

First off, I’m going to say that the art and coloring of this book is amazing. I absolutely love the visuals. The overlapping panel work is incredible, innovative and visually pleasing in every way. It works so well with the coloring. This title literally has some of my favorite panels ever.

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A Court of Mist and Fury

ACOMAF-cover1Title: A Court of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Original Publication Date: May 3rd, 2016
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Number of Pages: 626

Quick Synopsis: Feyre returns to the Spring Court loaded with High Fae power, the human trauma of how she obtained it and a permanent linkage to the dark High Lord of the Night Court, Rhysand.

I originally read A Court of Thorns and Roses when it came out in 2015 so I was a little confused when I started this one. The first chapter was mostly me getting my bearings and remembering what happened and who everyone was. Horrible, I know. But eventually it all came back to me and Maas made it pretty easy to pick up the series even years after starting it.

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YallWest 2017 Y’all

You’d think I’d get tired of that title by now…

Well, it’s that lovely time of year again–YallWest time! This year saw some changes from past years and to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about them. The major change: this year was only one day with a Friday preview night. Now if you’ve read my blog before, then you know that I tend to only go one day anyway but it makes a difference. I like having the option to go multiple days or the option of going one day over the other. If one author I want to meet is signing at the same time as another I at least had the option to see them the following day. Also! When it was two days, I could actually check out some booths and partake in activities or scoop up some awesome swag or ARCs because it wasn’t as packed. This year, I saw monstrous line after monstrous line and even tried to stand in a few only to be told when I got to the front that they just ran out. It was a major bummer but with that being said, I will also say that I totally enjoyed myself very much!


Sorry we’re the cutest ❤

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Spotlight on Lilliam Rivera


I was lucky enough to be chosen for a blog tour spotlighting authors that will be in attendance of this FANTASTIC YA BOOK EVENT!!

The Ontario Teen Book Fest is a YA book festival that is home to many YA authors and fans alike. The event is completely free to the public! I don’t know about you but getting to meet some of my favorite YA authors with no charge and no tickets is literally one of my favorite things in the world. This wonderful event is sponsored by the lovely Once Upon A Time bookstore of Montrose and thanks to them, there will be books and merch available for purchase 🙂

So join us on Saturday, March 25th, from 9AM to 5PM at Colony High School located at: 3850 E. Riverside Drive, Ontario, CA 91761

Spotlight on Lilliam Rivera

About The Education of Margot Sanchez

the education of Margot Sanchez.jpgPretty in Pink comes to the South Bronx in this bold and romantic coming-of-age novel about dysfunctional families, good and bad choices, and finding the courage to question everything you ever thought you wanted—from debut author Lilliam Rivera.


Mami, for destroying my social life
Papi, for allowing Junior to become a Neanderthal
Junior, for becoming a Neanderthal
This supermarket
Everyone else

After “borrowing” her father’s credit card to finance a more stylish wardrobe, Margot
Sanchez suddenly finds herself grounded. And by grounded, she means working as an indentured servant in her family’s struggling grocery store to pay off her debts.

With each order of deli meat she slices, Margot can feel her carefully cultivated prep school reputation slipping through her fingers, and she’s willing to do anything to get out of this punishment. Lie, cheat, and maybe even steal…

Margot’s invitation to the ultimate beach party is within reach and she has no intention of letting her family’s drama or Moises—the admittedly good looking but outspoken boy from the neighborhood—keep her from her goal

Goodreads | Amazon

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Spotlight on Sara Elizabeth Santana


I was lucky enough to be chosen for a blog tour spotlighting authors that will be in attendance of this FANTASTIC YA BOOK EVENT!!

The Ontario Teen Book Fest is a YA book festival that is home to many YA authors and fans alike. The event is completely free to the public! I don’t know about you but getting to meet some of my favorite YA authors with no charge and no tickets is literally one of my favorite things in the world. This wonderful event is sponsored by the lovely Once Upon A Time bookstore of Montrose and thanks to them, there will be books and merch available for purchase 🙂

So join us on Saturday, March 25th, from 9AM to 5PM at Colony High School located at: 3850 E. Riverside Drive, Ontario, CA 91761

Spotlight on Sarah Elizabeth Santana

About The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is Santana’s most recent book and the finale of The Awakened duology.

the sanctuary book coverZoey Valentine is finally safe. Tucked away miles underground in the fortified community of the Sanctuary.

But the Sanctuary is far from what she imagined.
Zoey can’t help but feel trapped.
Sekhmet, the evil corporation behind the Awakened, is still out there and
now, citizens of the Sanctuary are disappearing.
It isn’t until the bodies of the missing turn up mutilated, each one tagged with a note, a warning, signed by Razi Cylon.

Problem is, Razi should be dead.
Sekhmet has existed for far too long, and Zoey has had enough.
Goodreads | Amazon 

About Sara Elizabeth Santana

First off, I’d like to say how lucky I feel to be posting this spotlight on a friend of mine. I remember meeting her in line at The Last Bookstore waiting to get a book signed. And now here I am, spotlighting hesara elizabeth santanar for my blog. Let’s all take a moment to cry some happy tears. ❤

Sara Elizabeth Santana is a YA and NA fiction writer. She has worked as a smoothie artist, Disneyland cast member, restaurant supervisor, nanny, photographer, pizza delivery driver and barista but writing is what she loves most. She runs her own nerd girl/book review blog, What A Nerd Girl Says. She lives in Southern California with her dad, five siblings and two dogs. Her debut novel is The Awakened.
Instagram | Website | Goodreads | Facebook


  1. Tell us a little about The Awakened/The Sanctuary.

The Awakened duology follows Zoey Valentine, an eighteen year old girl who gets caught up in the zombie apocalypse. It’s a science fiction, but set in  our world. Sci-fi lite, so to speak haha. A virus wiped out a third of the population and those people reappear all at once as the Awakened, zombies, but faster, stronger, smarter, still retaining the memories of who they were before they died. The government turns the country into a nuclear wasteland in order to contain the problem and this leaves Zoey in a fight for survival.

2. What inspired The Awakened/The Sanctuary?

A lot of things really. I had written a zombie short story for this monthly writing exercise that some friends and I used to do and I felt sort of inspired by that. I hadn’t really thought of writing anything other than contemporary romance before that. I also felt inspired by the Walking Dead, which is a great show, but had hit a wall for me. I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Put those things together and my book sort of came from that.

3. What are some of the differences in writing process from the first book to the second?

I think the biggest difference is the expectations. When you’re writing that first book, you aren’t thinking of the audience because, honestly, you don’t even think that there will ever be an audience. Then someone does, and another someone, and on and on and suddenly people want to read the second book and its hard to get that out of your head when you’re writing. I also think…its difficult to keep that story going and its hard to make something happen, because it totally contradicts something that happened in a book that already was published! Book two is hard.

4. How does it feel going from blogger to published author?

Bizarre lol. I still blog, I still fangirl over other authors so it feels weird to be a part of that. I still feel like I’m not totally part of the club. Its nice though. I feel like I wouldn’t be an author without having been a blogger first. I learned so much about the world of writing and publishing and I don’t know if I would have believed in myself as much as I did without making friends with authors that did the same.

5. How do you think you’ve progressed as an author?

I think that I am constantly learning. I think before I was afraid to find my own voice. I was trying so hard to sound like the authors that I loved, because I was always comparing myself to them! But I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is my voice. I would also say I’ve opened myself up to writing things I never thought I could write before, like science fiction. I’ve been writing contemporary romance since I was 13. I love that I’ve taken the chance, because now I have so many ideas for science fiction and fantasy novels and I am so ready for it.

6. Any interest in writing anything that isn’t a book?

I used to write poetry in high school, used to put in the newspaper and I was addicted to this website called allpoetry.com. It was only as years passed that I realized that my poems were incredibly emo and I should stick to writing fiction.

7. Tips for writer’s block?

I personally don’t believe in writers block. I think that the ideas are there in your head, that you know what to write, but there’s other things blocking you. I think people are so afraid to write badly, they don’t write at all. My biggest advice, the one that helped me the most so I pass it along to others, is to let yourself write badly. Write pure crap. It’s going to be shitty, excuse the language, but that’s okay. You’ll fix it, and rewrite it and make it better.

8. What are you working on now?

I am currently jumping back and forth on outlining and story building for two different stories. Can’t quite decide which one is going to be the one. One is a sort fairy tale retelling in space, inspired by Marissa Meyer, and one is an urban fantasy about dragons.

9. Favorite pizza toppings?

I’m a total vegetarian lol. Olives, spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, ricotta cheese, man, I’m getting hungry now.

10. Favorite book?

There are too many to even consider naming. Harry Potter is probably the absolute number one, followed by the Tricksters Duology by Tamora Pierce. After that, it just becomes chaos. Winger by Andrew Smith,  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, the entirety of both the Mortal Instruments  series and Vampire Academy series. I could go on and on but I won’t!

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Loot Crate Dream Crate

Subscription boxes are IN and if you’re into nerd culture at all then you know Loot Crate. But, if you don’t know: Loot Crate is a subscription box service that provides it’s subscribers with monthly boxes filled with about 4-6 (depending on which crate you choose) “nerd culture” items that fit a selected theme of the month.

There is the original Loot Crate, but recently they started carrying more specific subscription boxes like Loot Anime or Loot Pets.

Well now that you know a bit about Loot Crate, I can tell you about something awesome that happened to me and my blog!

I woke up one morning, groggy, already reaching for a cup of coffee when I checked my phone and realized that…


The lovely people at Loot Crate are encouraging fans, bloggers, and YouTubers alike to be apart of their Dream Crate project. I was ecstatic to say the least! Instantly, ideas swished and swirled around in my head and I found it hard to narrow it down to just one theme and just a few items that fell into that theme but then it dawned on me…

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