#TBT Jesse Andrews at The Americana

Okay, my bad. I’ve been gone for a bit. Stay tuned for a personal update post.

But let’s get to what you actually came here for. On April 8th, 2016 (a while ago, I know) I met one of my absolute favorite authors, Jesse Andrews.

It was for his book tour for his newest young adult novel, The HatersThe Haters is about two boys attending a Jazz camp and quickly realizing that they don’t belong. They start “jamming” with an intensely unique girl and decide that their new band, must go on tour. Because “the road” is where bands get good, not in some lame Jazz camp.

In my grande adventure to being an individual I attended my first signing on my own. Ok, kind of. I was on my own but then I quickly met up with Kevin. We walked around the store picking out the best condition books to purchase and have signed. While doing so, I found out that Kevin was actually going to introduce Jesse Andrews! I was filled with excitement for him.


After Kevin’s wonderfully delivered introduction, Jesse Andrews began his discussion. Alright, look. I’ve been to my fair share of book signings/panels/discussions and this was by far one of the top 3 favorite events ever. Jesse Andrews was one of the most awkwardly charismatic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding a conversation with. While he was up there, he dove into his first attempts at writing and especially writing a novel. He focused on how “terrible” his writing was and how many rewrites or his work he needed to do. It was amazing. He talked about the rejection and the hard work but also how rewarding the entire process was. It was spectacular, honestly. It was definitely a great discussion for writers/fans of his work/fans of ya.


He spent most of the discussion flailing about and I absolutely loved it. He was so animated and passionate about the topics and it was just so lovely to witness. After the general discussion and some questions from the audience, he read an excerpt from The Haters and I was instantly so excited to read it. I love Jesse Andrews’ writing style because it is so realistic and the portion I heard from this book was no different.


I got so much stuff signed, to be honest. He signed my “S” (that I’ve gotten multiple authors to sign), my blu-ray of Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, as well as my hardcover copy of the book, and my hardcover copy of The Haters. It was kind of hilarious because while he was signing my stuff, we talked about Kevin for a bit and he accidentally signed my book to Kevin. He felt so genuinely bad and I was like “Hey, it’s okay. Kevin’s my friend and this makes for a good story.”


But come on, we’re like totally adorable.

YallWest 2016 Y’all

Guess what I did this weekend. Yup, I attended the second YallWest Festival in Santa Monica and it was such a fun time!

Much like last year, I only got to go for one day. This time it was Sunday. So, of course, I can’t speak for how amazing Saturday was, but I’m sure it was a jolly good time.IMG_8065

I was a little bummed to find out I could only go one day but it was more than alright  when I actually go to the event. This year was bigger and better, honestly. There were so many more booths of awesome brands and book related companies and publishers giving out freebies and lovely information.

Not just that, though. There were some truly spectacular panels going on as well. Last year I sought out to make more time for panels and I’m so very glad that I did.

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YallWest Y’all!

As some of you may know, this past weekend was a glorious time for us west coast readers/bloggers! The first ever YallWest Festival happened in Santa Monica and it was amazing.

Unfortunately, I only got to go on Saturday but fortunately, I got to meet some truly amazing people!

We arrived a little late but I got dropped off so that I could get going. I wandered around these incredibly packed and thriving lines, a little lost. However, I found a board that detailed who was signing and I jumped right into the Ransom Riggs line. I was excited, but also a little worried my company wouldn’t find parking. It didn’t dawn on me until I was moving in the line that I was going to meet RANSOM RIGGS!

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Life.Love.Beauty. Signing

Last summer, I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix and stumbled onto the best worst show that has ever graced my television screen: Pretty Little Liars. Needless to say, I got super obsessed and watched it like everyday. Fast forward to earlier this year and Keegan Allen, who plays Toby Cavanaugh, has just published his first book. It is a collection of his writings as well as a photo book.

He had a couple signings coming up nearby but my school schedule clashed with the event times. I just had to live vicariously through his snapchat feed and see all the happy fans that got to meet him while I stayed in bed, catching up on my Shakespeare readings.

On one of my searches for local author events I found that Keegan had added more dates to his book tour and one of time was five minutes away from my house! Of course I was going. And of course my lovely boyfriend was going to come along for the ride.

We had originally intended to get there early to be one of the firsts in line but we’re lazy and it was a rainy day so we got up around 10 and got ready. Honestly, we lollygagged and got to the Burbank Barnes & Noble around 11:30AM. We bought the book and got our member wristbands. For this event, the member wristbands were a literal front of the line pass. Honestly, only about 3 groups of people were ahead of us and 3 groups of members were behind us. So having a membership for this signing was a real big perk. We sat around and grabbed some yummy food and tea from the wonderful cafe workers (whom which I love because I’m a regular and they’re super nice and funny).


The event started a little after 1PM. I expected all the girls in attendance to scream their little hearts out when he arrived but there was pretty much a collective gasp of swoony amazement and boy did he notice. He started with a snapchat from us and then took a picture with his film camera.

He was very nice to everyone and very attentive. He wasn’t standoffish in the slightest. The couple ahead of us were surprising their daughter by face timing her while he signed her book. He even talked to her via facetime. It warmed my heart to have a celebrity be so nice.


We were literally like the third group and he signed my book, I gave him a drawing and we chatted a bit. Oh, I forgot to mention that he LOVED my boyfriend, Blake’s, mustache and even took a portrait of him! I was fangirling all over the place! I hope he puts the picture in his next book or something. AHHH. I’m getting all excited just thinking about it.

Signing my book <3

Signing my book ❤

In closing, Keegan Allen is such a nice and talented person! And I’m so glad I got to experience this event because it let my inner fangirl flag fly.

waiting in line <3

waiting in line ❤

Jason Segel Signing at The Grove

OMG. He’s so cute ❤ ____ ❤

I just want to put this out there. Many people know this already but, Jason Segel is one of my biggest celebrity crushes, like ever. I think he’s hilarious and just so super cute. So when I heard he was having a book signing for his debut novel, Nightmares! at The Grove, I had to go. HAD TO GO.

This is going to be short, as this was a short event. Literally, only a signing.

So we got there  relatively early. Around noonish. The event was set for 2pm. There was plenty of wristbands left when we got there. We got C-Member wristbands, so we were in the first packs to see him.

We got lunch, walked around, then went to the wonderfully set up line. We sat for like 15 minutes and in less time than it took to wait, we were getting up, walking towards him and getting our book signed. He actually started the even early for everyone

However, there was a little lull in between when Segel signed a bunch of books for some little kids and it was super adorable and I love him even more for it.

I got to talk to him and take pictures with him but I’ll never post those because I was too excited and made too derpy of a smile…

The event was advertised as a reading and signing but there were just so many people, there’s no way they could have made that happen.

Props to B&N at the Grove for handing such a huge event effortlessly.

We were in our car, on the way out of the parking structure by, 2:15pm.


The only picture of us anyone will ever see...

The only picture of us anyone will ever see…


Gayle Forman Signing at the Americana

I did it guys! I went to another book event! Woop woop. 

IMG_5402It was a discussion and signing by Gayle Forman and R.J. Cutler (Director of If I Stay). Once they both arrived at the event area, Gayle Forman acted as a kind of moderator. She went right into it and asked R.J. so many beautiful and enlightening questions. They discussed how great Chloe Grace Moretz was to work with and what an amazing actress she is. They had about an hour long discussion. They also opened it up to questions from the audience and there were some really great ones. 

Questions that were asked included: Why did Gayle Forman decide to make Mia play the cello? Did someone knowingly make a question mark out of the movie poster? and Why did RJ (a documentarian decide to film If I Stay?


To which the answers were:
That she didn’t really choose the cello. The character of Mia came to her head one day, already in love with the cello. She said that the cello really and truly chose herself and Mia.

IMG_5398Yes someone did knowingly incorporate a question mark in the movie poster because it was a message. Mia has to deal with a very important weighted question and the designer wanted everyone who would see this poster to know about it. I honestly think it’s beautiful and a tremendously wonderful idea. 

RJ Cutler said he read the book and it made him reflect. It made him cry. It was then that he knew that he needed to make this film. He needed to bring this story to the masses.

It was wonderful. Honestly. It was a mellow and at times funny event but it was more enlightening than anything else. I’m so very glad that I got to go.

IMG_5401The Barnes and Noble at the Americana (aka my work) does not have a very big event space. It seats about 50 people max. That max was filled…and then some. There were definitely a bunch of “Standing Room Only” attendees and that truly excited me. I love being in a room with people that enjoy something just as much as I do. 


After their discussion, it was time for the signing, which honestly, went by really quickly! They were all business. Not very much chit chat with the fans and for some odd reason, fans were not able to take pictures with them, only of them while they were signing. But of course, since I work there, yes, I (and my wonderful blogger co-worker Kurt) got special treatment…

I'm so awkward.

I’m so awkward.





Fierce Reads Summer Blockbuster at the Grove

So, I haven’t gone to many book events. Crazy, I know. But I didn’t always read and review the way I do. It started late 2013. Since then, I’ve been to three book events: LA Festival of Books, Ruin and Rising Launch Party, and Fierce Reads Book Tour. Now, if you’re as big of a nerd as I am, you’ll see how they all correlate…Leigh Bardugo was at each event. She was basically my “draw”. When I found out that Marissa Meyer was also attending this event, I had to go.


calm before the storm.

My boyfriend, Blake is a HUGE Lunar Chronicles fan and wanted to get there early. That’s exactly what we did. The event started at 7 and we were there around 4pm. We got drinks and ate lunch at the Barnes and Noble cafe. Then head on over to the event space where they were holding a mini-event: Batman and DC Trivia to celebrate BATMAN DAY! We won some cool toys, posters, comic books, and cool points. I had never been to the Grove so after that, we walked around for a bit, our main focus being the Farmer’s Market. I didn’t get food because I had been feeling a little under the weather all day, but I will definitely go back to get food there!

When we got back inside and went up to the event space, I saw a couple of my bookish friends, Sara and Kurt, (they each have their own blog). We chat it up a bit and they let us in. Since a good amount of people arrived early, the good people at MacMillan decided to reward us. We got Fierce Reads reusable bags and…ARCS! (I’m going to post about all the ARCs I’ve received this month.) The Community Relations Manager served as the greatest hype-woman! She talked up all the authors and their works, along with the moderator, Anthony Breznican. His debut novel is out and she did so wonderfully describing it that I had to get it. 

The Panel started and my word, all four of these wonderful women were absolutely hilarious.


IMG_5339Marissa Meyer was a total sweetheart and Leigh Bardugo was charming and funny. Meyer realized that Blake was a huge fan and asked if he wanted a picture. I swear, it was like a child meeting Santa Claus, I’d never seen him so happy. So, for that, Marissa Meyer, THANK YOU for being the sweetest and for making Blake’s day! Leigh Bardugo remembered us from her last events and, let me tell you, that made my day, haha. She also gave me a nail polish and we (along with Anna Banks and Ann Aguirre) discussed which superheroes we’d like to date. IMG_5338Fun times. Anyway, Anna Banks was by far, the funniest though. She was so try and sarcastic, I just couldn’t handle it. I had no idea she was like that. My biggest regret was not reading her books beforehand…but she has a new book coming out called, Joyride. It is partly autobiographical and I’m definitely picking it up. Anne Aguirre reminded me of myself. She was that adorablely awakward person. Ah, I loved her too. I had never read her books either but I decided to buy her book right there, and of course, had her sign it. She described it so great and it sounded like it was right up my alley. I had to get it. 

Cutest Picture Ever.

Cutest Picture Ever.

Goofball signing my book.

Goofball signing my book.

The Moderator was Anthony Breznican. He writes for Entertainment Weekly and his debut novel, Brutal Youth, came out very recently. I had never heard of it but they talked about it a lot through the course of the night and I had to get it. It sounded so dark. But not fantasy dark, like humans causing others harm. Right up my alley. So after the pannel, quite a few people went over to him and had him sign their books. Honestly, I’d never seen someone so happy. He was so very genuinely excited that a bunch of us book nerds had him sign his book. He even took the time to write everyone a little letter along with his signature. Overall, it was a wonderful turn out and one of the funnest events I’ve ever been to. I will definitely try to go to more!

More Pics from Our Adventure:

Kurt talking up Bresnikan

Kurt talking up Breznican


Pretty Grove Lights, while walking back to the car


He was a happy camper ❤