An Abundance of Katherines – BOOK REVIEW

an abundance of katherines book coverTitle: An Abundance of Katherines
Author: John Green
Original Publication Date: September 21st, 2006
Publisher: Dutton Books
Number of Pages: 215

Quick Synopsis: Just dumped for the 19th time straight by a Katherine, smart boy Colin sets out on a road trip with his bff to “find himself”.

I feel like my synopsis was a little snarky in all honestly. But that is literally what this book is about.

I have a love/dislike relationship with John Green. I genuinely loved a couple of his books but somewhere along the way, he’s just lost me. He writes so well and his stories are generally quite interesting however, his plots aren’t the most compelling. This book is no different. I kept feeling like this exact thing has been done. Heard this story, seen these characters before. But I mean, I keep reading them though.

However, these characters just don’t exist in the real world. No teens talk, act or dare I say it, even think like Collin and Hassan. At least none of the thousands that I’ve met in my lifetime. After getting over their initial fictitious personalities, I liked them. Collin is absolutely annoying for most of the book but it works. Their friendship is dynamic and although I don’t think real life teens necessarily speak like them, Green captures the good and the bad of friendships so well. Collin was very reminiscent of Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory or Don Tillman of The Rosie Project, which actually got me to like him more. He was so socially awkward but still managed to be charming, not only to the other characters in the book but to the reader as well.

But as annoyingly charming as the main character was, many of the other characters fell flat for me. They were mostly cliche characters in a cliche story that was predictable at every turn. In the notes I took while reading, I predicted literally every major plot point. Maybe I’ve read too much YA, maybe too much Green?

Starkiller Rating: ★★★✫✫


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