Outcast Vol. 1 – REVIEW

OutcastVol1_CoverTitle: Outcast Vol. 1
Author: Robert Kirkman
Illustrator: Paul Azaceta
Original Publication Date: January 15th, 2015
Publisher: Image Comics
Number of Pages: 152

Quick Synopsis: Demonic possession has overtaken Kyle Barnes’ entire life and it’s time for him to get some answers.

I’m going to be super honest here: I really wasn’t a fan of the art style at first. I think if I continuously consume a certain type of art style for too long, I can’t stray from it. As of late, I’ve definitely been super into a more cutesy style that instantly catches attention. After reading this for a bit, I realized that the art style was absolutely perfect for the type of story being told.

Not only is the imagery harsh to begin with, with the subject matter being covered but the lines and line widths were sharp and daring. The color palette was quite different than something I would expect from a story like this. The coloring was flatter, something closer to the coloring from Paper Girls than Preacher. There’s a particular on page spread that I completely fell in love with. It was gorgeous in its vivid sense of detail, covered in orange, blue and brown hues that work together so well. Paul Azaceta has very quickly been climbing up my list of favorite comic book artists because there is just so many different elements that seem to go into all of his work.

Kirkman does a great job at mixing drama, horror and mystery while presenting a well-rounded cast of characters. The main character, Kyle, is stand offish and hard to like at first but draws sympathy where needed as the story progresses. Each character has an inherent sadness that surrounds them. Even the seemingly “good” characters are shrouded with  melancholy. This book is heavy with adult themes and tragic views of God and religion that while serious, is presented in a comical way.

I wasn’t bored for a single page, a single panel. The last few pages were a heart-pumping, gorgeous ride that left me wanting needing more. I am more in love with this story than I ever was Kirkman’s more famous body of work..

Starkiller Rating: ★★★★★


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