Riverdale Episode 5


Spoilers ahead:

So I accidentally tuned in late for this episode :/  I was helping my family do something. I missed at least 20 minutes and trust me. I hate myself over it more than you do.

Where I started, Betty and Jughead were brainstorming a bit about Jason’s death. They threw around this idea that Jason was trying to get away from drug dealers. I’m not going to lie, not only do I like that idea but I feel like it’s definitely a viable hypothesis. He’s a rich kid in a small town that has a drug dealing biker gang. It would have been easy for him to get mixed up with something negative.

The Blossom family is finally truly introduced in this episode and they are absolutely AWFUL in every sense of the word. They even forbade Cheryl from going to her own twin brother’s funeral.

Well Cheryl being Cheryl, she showed up to the funeral in all white. Like wow, way to make a huge statement to everyone, especially her own family. I was impressed by her character.

I’m growing to really love Kevin and Veronica. She is surprisingly, becoming the nicest character of the show. She seems caring and is actually a good friend to Cheryl.

So a bomb was dropped tonight at the funeral. Cheryl’s grandmother mistook Betty for Polly and let it slip that Polly and Jason were…ENGAGED. Jughead then begins to insinuate that the Cooper’s may have been a part of Jason’s death. I think it’ be too easy to pin the murder on the Cooper’s but I actually really dig it. It’s so different from the original Betty and the original Coopers but I still want Grundy to be a part of the murder too. Is that weird? haha

See you all next week!


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