Riverdale Episode 4


Spoilers ahead:

So far Cherry has been the most annoying character to me. Don’t get me wrong, Archie’s dad and Betty’s mom are pretty tops on the list but Cherry might just take the cake. It’s not even because I’m supposed to hate her it’s because she’s just so inconsistently written to me right now. In Episode 3, she sided with Betty and Veronica and was super nice, tip-toeing around the subject of Polly and now, she’s full on mean again, making fun of it. I know it’s still really early in not just the season but of the entire show so they’re still finding their bearings with her character. I’m just hoping that happens soon.

This episode revolved around this Grundy mystery. WHO IS SHE?

Well, the answer was super generic. She was an abused woman that married too young and ran away from her shitty husband. But is that really the story? I don’t think so. I hated that story. I like to think she had something to do with Jason’s death. Like maybe she was sleeping with him and she got bored, he was taking it too rough and so on and so forth. The episode ended with Betty’s mom and Archie’s dad confronting Grundy about her relationship with Archie and eventually agreeing that they won’t involve the police if she just leaves. I’m glad she’s gone because that character and that story is just so done and boring but I feel like she might be back in some weird sexual predator type way.

The other half of the episode is about my favorite character: JUGHEAD! Yes, we get to learn a little bit about him. He works at the drive-in and it means so much to him that when it’s bought out and going to be demolished, he creates an uproar over it and it’s all so precious. However, all his efforts got him nowhere and the drive-in is still slated to be demolished. The last shots of the episode are Jughead packing up. Literally packing up his life because he lived in the drive in! And not just that, Jughead’s dad is revealed and it’s, drumroll please…

SKEET ULRICH! (Skeet is Billy Loomis in Scream)

But yeah, Skeet playsΒ FP Jones: Southside Serpents Leader!! Like WTH. Does nobody know that Jughead’s dad is the leader of the thug biker gang that the whole town is afraid of?! Jughead is becoming the most interesting and dynamic character of the show and he hardly gets screentime! I know he’s the narrator but omg, he needs to be on the show more. I don’t care about Archie’s music! SHOW ME MORE JUGHEAD.

Also sidenote: Kevin hooks up with one of the Southside Serpents, Joaquin and I’m here for it. Please, make this a major storyline for him.


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