Riverdale Episode 3

riverdaleSpoilers ahead:

“To clarify, I didn’t kill him.” Those were the first words spoken after a heck of a cliffhanger from episode 2. To remind you all, at the end of episode 2, the police storm into the gang’s classroom to haul someone away. Cheryl stands up and admits that she’s… GUILTY.
And you’re just left there like “HOLYCRAP YES PERFECT” but then they completely backtrack in the first few seconds of episode 3 and ok, that’s fine. I knew she didn’t really kill her twin brother but it was cool for the minute I thought she did.
Anyway, Archie starts to reinforce his “good guy” character by finally coming forward about being there the night of Jason’s death and I can honestly say, yeah I’m into it. I don’t know where the story could have gone without him doing so. But I found myself not liking Archie’s dad after this. His reactions were so..over the top. Well, less over the top than Mrs. Cooper who holycrap I hate.
This episode follows Betty and Veronica mostly throughout a slut shaming storyline that I am completely here for. Definitely relatable and resonant with the times.

Chuck, the resident hottie new kid football star, is basically a terrible person and goes on a date with Veronica. He then posts all over social media that he gave her a “sticky maple” (literally the grossest slang term I’ve heard on a CW show haha). B & V vow to get justice for Veronica as well as all the other girls that are victims to this guy’s (and the football team’s) total jerkness.

I loved this storyline. It allowed for a bit more of both B & V’s personalities to shine through while also saying something about girl’s lives today AND was just so perfectly “teen drama” with an Archie twist.

B & V got back at Chuck in a really dramatic way and it was cool. It highlighted a bit of Betty’s dark side coming out and gave us a glimpse into what Polly could have been like. It was awesome and such Β drastic contrast to the sweet girl Betty that everyone is used to.

My only real complaint was that the episode didn’t really cover the Blossom murder at all.




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