Riverdale Episode 2


I hardly ever actually try to keep up with television shows as they air, so when I find a show that I can do that with, I get pretty excited. Here I was, sitting cross legged on my bed, watching the last minutes of Supernatural waiting for Riverdale to start.

Mild spoilers ahead:

I was happy to see this week’s episode start with info on the murder. In episode 1, it’s stated that Jason Blossom died in a freak accident but by the end of the episode, it’s revealed that the “freak accident” was actually a gunshot to the head. Way to get right down to the dark and gritty, right?

As the episode progresses, Jughead starts to suspect Archie of having a hand in Jason’s murder but all that information was literally JUST revealed. For Jughead to quickly turn on his one-time best friend just seemed too quick. We know they have a falling out but to assume the worst about a friend so quickly, seems out of character. But I guess that’s the point? These characters are new interpretations of characters we know and love.

Like in the beginning of the episode, Betty just seemed so sad and almost pathetic about the entire Archie situation but more and more of her scenes became relatable. Her emotions became valid and any one who’s ever had an unrequited love will fall apart with Betty as she has to watch Archie continuously inch closer to being a man-whore.

There’s a story that Archie tells Veronica on their walk home about proposing to Betty when they were in second grade. Betty turns him down and tells him to ask her again when they are 18 and oh boy, my frozen over heart began to melt. In the comics, I had always favored Veronica but this show is kind of making me Team Betty.

Shortly after this story, Archie starts to rebuild his relationship with his dad and it made for another truly heart-warming moment that reinforces Archie’s good-guy persona. He also rebuilds his friendship with Jughead by the end of the episode and it strengthens this idea that Archie is caught between wanting to be a sweet-natured person and wanting to be a jock. His music storyline also directly ties into this inner-battle and I actually dig it. I was kind of meh about his arc at first but after thinking about it way more, it fits.



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