Riverdale Episode 1

Archie Comics hold a kind of special place in my heart. I’ve never been obsessed but it reminds me of simpler times. My parents used to frequent a swap meet where there would occasionally be a comic book vendor and wanting to relate to my interests, my parents would bring me back some Archie Double Digests.

One random winter day, driving around Silver Lake, I saw a bus stop bench advertisement for a show called Riverdale. “RIVERDALE?! LIKE ARCHIE, RIVERDALE?!” I excitedly turned to my boyfriend. “Um, yeah probably?” he shrugged continuing to watch the road, trying not to kill us both. I went home and added Riverdale to my autotune list on my cable box. Fast-forward to Premiere day and there I was, curled up into my pillows with snacks in tow, ready to delve into the world of:


First off, everyone on this show is insanely gorgeous. But that can be seen by any promos so I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. ALSO, mild spoilers moving forward, so read at your own risk.

In the beginning, I just kind of super hated Betty AND Veronica. I wasn’t into them, I didn’t like the interpretations of the characters and even the acting seemed a little off for me. Then Kevin was thrown into the mix and was so blatantly, IN YOUR FACE gay, that I wasn’t into it either. I did not want to be spoon-fed this parody of what it’s like to be gay. It felt stereotypical and I found myself already dreading where all of this would go. HOWEVER, when the episode progressed, I actually started to like everyone more and more. Betty and Veronica’s story arc became so much more interesting to me than Archie’s.

Archie’s story arc was just somewhat generic to me. Like, oh no, he wants to dabble in the arts by creating music but can’t because he doesn’t want to be judged or disappoint his dad. Boohoo, woe is me. But not just that, Archie sleeps with his teacher? Like really? Generic teen drama story-line that doesn’t really match Archie’s established character in the books (but ok, I get it, this isn’t the books).

We get the tiniest introduction to one of my favorite characters: Jughead. He’s in the episode for maybe a few minutes. He is the voice-over, so I dig that, but still. For the pilot, It was much too little for my Jughead-loving heart to bare.

All advertisements and taglines for this show stated that this was “a darker version” of the Riverdale crew but I just wasn’t seeing it. Where was the dark? Where was the gritty? Well, let me tell you. It gets there in the last 5 minutes of the episode and I was completely here for it.

The color palette of the show was pretty gorgeous, in all honesty. The darkness accentuated certain scenes but still allowed for the show to feel like it had been inspired by a comic book.

It probably sounds like I hated the pilot episode but I didn’t. I started off with a sour taste in my mouth but by the end it won me over. I gave the episode a B+.

10/10 will watch episode 2.


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