Killer Entertainment: Don’t Breathe


I’m a pretty big horror movie fan. I wish I could explain exactly why, but I have been since I was a wee little bean. It probably didn’t help that my family let me watch scary movies at a young age. But whatever. I heard that Sam Raimi had a new movie coming out and I was a little meh about it. Nearly every horror fan that I know, loves Raimi’s work and again, I’ve always been meh about it. I love Evil Dead but because of how incredibly B and cheesy it is.

I saw the trailer for Don’t Breathe and I knew. I KNEW that I HAD to see it (I had this same feeling when I saw the trailer for Green Room). There was a chance to catch a screening of this a number of months ago but school and work got in the way so when the club I’m apart of was invited to another screening of it, I was dead set on going. I’m so so so glad that I did.

As earlier stated, I’m not into Sam Raimi’s style and while the action and story was getting started, I remember thinking “WTF this is so not Raimi’s style. This is literally his best movie ever.” By the end of it, I realized that no, Raimi didn’t actually direct it but produced Jane Levy;Dylan Minnette;Daniel Zovattoit. Fede Alvarez, the director of the recent Evil Dead remake was actually one of the visual masterminds behind it.

The film follows three young adults that break into homes and steal with the intent to resell “hot items”. One of the characters was extremely unlikeable to me, think of James Franco from Spring Breakers and that’s pretty much who this character was. The other two characters had way more story and personality and I found them both quite likeable. Stephen Lang expertly delivered his performance of the Blind Man, even now, days later, I’m still utterly creeped out by his entire being.


I very genuinely loved everything about this movie. It was suspenseful at every turn and there were some absolutely amazing shots that I instantly fell in love with. When they barely break into the Blind Man’s home, there is this reletively long tracking shot that was so beautifully choreographed and performed by each actor, I had to turn to my boyfriend and say “I fucking love this shot” to which he replied “This shot is fucking amazing”. We curse a lot. Just so you know.

If you watch just one movie this weekend, let it it Don’t Breathe. It is definitely the best horror film I’ve seen all year ❤

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