Another Go at Booktube

Literally about a year ago, I tried starting my own YouTube channel. It was a means of spreading the word about things I loved in a easier (and also not so much easier) fashion. It was also a means of stepping out of my comfort zone.

You might not know this, but I’m actually quite a shy and socially awkward person.

It takes a lot for me to get the courage to introduce myself or talk to someone I find interesting. That’s why I write. Writing is so much easier because nobody stares at my face while I’m doing it.

I’m kind of weird about people looking at my face and, in all honesty, looking at people’s faces. So, my YouTube channel was the stepping stone to breaking that mold I put myself into.

Here is my official attempt at being comfortable with myself!

(it’s a video review of 4 comic books I’ve read/loved and reviewed on here before [except for 1 ;)]

(also, this post is going to post on my facebook and I’m so freaked out by that I can’t even right now)

2 thoughts on “Another Go at Booktube

  1. Milliebot says:

    Great job putting yourself out there! I can’t see myself ever doing video reviews. I also know what you mean about not looking at people. I have a hard time even looking my friends in the eyes, I must come off as so rude when I meet people! I’ll stare at their foreheads or chins or just to the sides of their faces. Lol

    • starkillerreads says:

      Hahaha oh my! I do the exact same thing! Or I look around like a mad woman. Maybe someday we’ll get over it. I kind of like recording the videos, it’s the editing that makes me a tad weary :/

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