YallWest Y’all!

As some of you may know, this past weekend was a glorious time for us west coast readers/bloggers! The first ever YallWest Festival happened in Santa Monica and it was amazing.

Unfortunately, I only got to go on Saturday but fortunately, I got to meet some truly amazing people!

We arrived a little late but I got dropped off so that I could get going. I wandered around these incredibly packed and thriving lines, a little lost. However, I found a board that detailed who was signing and I jumped right into the Ransom Riggs line. I was excited, but also a little worried my company wouldn’t find parking. It didn’t dawn on me until I was moving in the line that I was going to meet RANSOM RIGGS!

They closed off his line a few people after me and I was stoked that I made the cut. When I got to the front of the line, I was beside myself! He was so nice and amazing and he even apologized because he couldn’t personalize my book because he was still trying to get to everyone that was trying to meet him. It was a truly spectacular moment.


The time slot was ending and I went on my merry way to line up for the next author I wanted to get signed, but then I heard it, Marissa Meyer wanted to finish out her line! So I called my bf and he ran to the line and he got to meet Marissa Meyer again and get Fairest signed. It was an adorable thing to witness. IMG_6043

Luckily, the author I wanted to meet during this timeslot, was the same line as Marissa Meyers, so I stayed in the line and waited. If you know me fairly well, you know that I LOVE Monster High, so of course, I got my Monster High book signed by Lisi Harrison. She was an absolute sweetheart (and so pretty too 🙂 )IMG_6047IMG_6048

While I was doing this, I sent my bf to Stephanie Perkins line, just in time too, because they closed off the line right at him! It was a long line but Stephanie Perkins was truly amazing about it. When her time slot was up, she moved the entire line to a tree and stood there, continuing to sign books and take pictures. It was so amazing to see someone go so above and beyond for their fans! She is the exact kind of author I want to be!


During the 1PM hour, I really wanted to see Leigh Bardugo again but her line was very long and I didn’t have anything for her to sign (I’ve already met her three times and have the Grisha Trilogy signed), so I used this time for our In n Out lunch. Yummy as usual.

Right after eating we ran to Danielle Paige’s line and waited. It was a long line but we got there early enough that we didn’t have to wait very long. Danielle Paige was so so nice! She complimented my hair and chatted with me a bit!

The longest line of the day though, was for Lauren Oliver. She also stayed past her time slot to make sure everyone got at least one book signed and she even took pictures with anyone who asked. She is such a beautiful person, so nice and patient! She complimented my outfit because we were both wearing flannel, She even drew me a little ghost and named him Blobby!

The last hour went by really quickly. I sent my bf to another line again and finished up with Lauren Oliver. I met up with him and he was close to the middle. I made the executive decision and we both took turns running up to one of our shared favorite authors, Madeline Roux. She was so amazingly nice (and so pretty omg). Her outfit was 100% on point and I fangirled. She is such an inspiration to me because I love horror and she writes it so well…but I digress.


After taking turns, we met Victoria Aveyard and gushed about how cool the cover of her book is and the gorgeous posters they were giving out of Red Queen. The last person we met was the sweet Kass Morgan, who I geeked out with. After this we went to check out the Epic Reads booth where they were doing an awesome giveaway, (spin a wheel for an ARC) but the line was quite long.
IMG_6078 IMG_6079

The festival was still going on but I was worn out! We had to stop at a nearby Starbucks to get a drink before we made the long trek home (more like trafficy trip home). I didn’t get to go to any of the panels I wanted to because there were just too many amazing authors I wanted to meet. Next year, I’m definitely going to make time for more panels.

Overall it was an absolutely wonderful experience and I can not wait to do it again!



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