Bob’s Burgers Vol. 1

I received this comic through NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review. (So, no I don’t really have a picture of it…)

Title: Bob’s Burgers Vol. 1
Author: Chad Brewster, Jeff Drake, Justin Hook, Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen
Original Publication Date: March 31st, 2015
Original Price: $17.99 (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 120
Starkiller Rating: ★★★★✫

Quick Synopsis: A collection of issues 1-5 of the Bob’s Burgers series.

These issues are split up into 5 types of mini stories for each character, respectively. Each issue starts with a Tina friend fiction, onto a notebook paper of Bob’s Burger of the Day ideas, Louise’s mysteries, a letter from Linda, concluded by a musical by Gene.

It’s a very innovative way to incorporate each character, while shining a light on the most popular characters. Linda’s letters, I have found, do not really add much to the comic. They have their funny lines, but overall, I could do without them. Bob’s burger ideas, however, are always funny and surprising. They are always clever and get quite a few chuckles from me. Gene’s musicals are very clever, in the sense, that all the dialogue is written as a song; a song that has a rhythm as well as a rhyme scheme. Louise’s mysteries were always hilarious. They are childish in its story, but that’s perfectly fine considering she is a child. They’re really great. The overall best stories each time, however, go to Tina’s Friend Fiction. Each one is funnier than the last and of course, include very many butts. They are AMAZING.

The art in this book is so wonderful as well! It is very reminiscent of the cartoon but has a little twist. I found so many panels that I want prints of, that’s just how great they were!

Overall this was a fantastic book! I would definitely recommend it to fans of the show as well as fans of pulpy type comedies.


One thought on “Bob’s Burgers Vol. 1

  1. Milliebot says:

    I actually felt that Bob’s burger ideas lent less to the book than Linda’s letters. She cracked me up. I felt like Bob was overshadowed by the rest of his family. Though if we want to get all deep about the show, perhaps it is his family that typically shines. Lol. I may be overthinking this.

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