Starkiller’s March Madness: Comic Book Edition

March is upon us. We are already starting the third month of the new year. Time sure does pass by quickly, doesn’t it?

March has never been a favorite month of mine but I decided that this needs to change. This March is going to be dedicated to something that I’ve held dear to my heart for a few years now: COMIC BOOKS!

Starkiller’s March Madness: Comic Book Edition

Screenshot 2015-03-02 at 3.32.43 PM

This month is going to have only comic book centered posts. Comic book reviews and hauls. Hopefully I can type up some lists for new readers and old. I’m very excited about this month, in all honesty.

Comic books have become a very central part of popular culture in the past couple years. It went from being stigmatized in the 80’s/90’s, only to be read by “nerds” and geeks”. But now nerds and geeks rule the world and these beautiful stories are being popularized in society. This is also a topic near and dear to me because I’ve never been popular and I always liked off the beaten path sorts of things, but now, the things I love are featured left and right and I’m plagued with holding (or trying to hold) discussions about these loves of mine, just to find that people don’t love it the same way.

I am in no way saying that just because you like a certain super hero only based off of the movie is bad, because that’s how Β I found a lot of things. It’s wonderful because you can see these stories and characters you’d never even given a second glance to, and realize that you love them! And you want to read the comic books but—WHERE DO YOU START?!!

Trust me, I’ve gone through this. Comic books are not the most user friendly of hobbies. They’re intimidating when you’re brand new. You want to read Batman but there are so many different titles, you have all these questions, “why is this issue #322 and this one #3?!”. I’m entirely with you. This month is dedicated to you. Because I’ve been in your shoes and it was really hard, I’m just lucky I had some wonderful people to point me in the right directions.

So stay tuned for this month’s festivities.

What are you looking forward to? Have any questions? Need any tips?
Comment below and let me know πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Starkiller’s March Madness: Comic Book Edition

  1. Milliebot says:

    I don’t read too many comics because for the well established characters like super heroes there are too many storylines! Also I’m very picky about art styles. But, if you have any recommendations on where to start for xmen, or any little completed series, or whatever you call them, I’m all ears. For now, my comic life consists of waiting in agony for more Saga and American Vampire! Haha

    • starkillerreads says:

      Trust me, I had always wanted to read comic books but it’s honestly a really stand offish hobby haha. What kind of art styles do you like?
      I actually just got Vol 1 of Saga, I’m so excited to read it haha

      Hmm. Let me think about some series for you πŸ™‚

      • Milliebot says:

        I love the art of saga. I tend to like stuff that’s…idk…pretty? Maybe sort of anime style. It’s hard to describe because I never really know until I see the art

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