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Last summer, I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix and stumbled onto the best worst show that has ever graced my television screen: Pretty Little Liars. Needless to say, I got super obsessed and watched it like everyday. Fast forward to earlier this year and Keegan Allen, who plays Toby Cavanaugh, has just published his first book. It is a collection of his writings as well as a photo book.

He had a couple signings coming up nearby but my school schedule clashed with the event times. I just had to live vicariously through his snapchat feed and see all the happy fans that got to meet him while I stayed in bed, catching up on my Shakespeare readings.

On one of my searches for local author events I found that Keegan had added more dates to his book tour and one of time was five minutes away from my house! Of course I was going. And of course my lovely boyfriend was going to come along for the ride.

We had originally intended to get there early to be one of the firsts in line but we’re lazy and it was a rainy day so we got up around 10 and got ready. Honestly, we lollygagged and got to the Burbank Barnes & Noble around 11:30AM. We bought the book and got our member wristbands. For this event, the member wristbands were a literal front of the line pass. Honestly, only about 3 groups of people were ahead of us and 3 groups of members were behind us. So having a membership for this signing was a real big perk. We sat around and grabbed some yummy food and tea from the wonderful cafe workers (whom which I love because I’m a regular and they’re super nice and funny).


The event started a little after 1PM. I expected all the girls in attendance to scream their little hearts out when he arrived but there was pretty much a collective gasp of swoony amazement and boy did he notice. He started with a snapchat from us and then took a picture with his film camera.

He was very nice to everyone and very attentive. He wasn’t standoffish in the slightest. The couple ahead of us were surprising their daughter by face timing her while he signed her book. He even talked to her via facetime. It warmed my heart to have a celebrity be so nice.


We were literally like the third group and he signed my book, I gave him a drawing and we chatted a bit. Oh, I forgot to mention that he LOVED my boyfriend, Blake’s, mustache and even took a portrait of him! I was fangirling all over the place! I hope he puts the picture in his next book or something. AHHH. I’m getting all excited just thinking about it.

Signing my book <3

Signing my book ❤

In closing, Keegan Allen is such a nice and talented person! And I’m so glad I got to experience this event because it let my inner fangirl flag fly.

waiting in line <3

waiting in line ❤

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