Make Up Your Life!

Title: Make Up Your Life!: Your Guide to Beauty, Fashion, Internships, Careers, Modern Manners, and More– Online and Off
Author: Michelle Phan
Original Publication Date: October 14th, 2014
Original Price: $23.00 (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 224
Starkiller Rating: ★★★✫✫

Quick Synopsis: A “how-to” book for life.

I love Michelle Phan’s work as a make up artist and content creator but this book fell flat. The most interesting portion of the book was the story of her life. It was a story of a girl who came from an okay (financially speaking) family to following her dreams and making bank creating content for the internet. She was truly living the dream! I picked up this book because I thought it would help me (as a fellow content creator) get my name out there and, in a way, follow in her footsteps. However, I gained no insight into anything.

The make up how-to’s in the book were very simple. Any girl with access to google could find better tutorials than the one in this book. Her how-to’s and tips were absolutely simplistic. Her tips were basically “Don’t Post Nudes”, “Be Careful What You Post That May Tarnish Your Image”. It’s to the point of “yeah..I know that.”

This book is so obviously written for pre-teen to newly-teen girls but was marketed for adults. I know it sounds like I utterly hated this book, but I didn’t. Phan’s writing style was great! It was friendly and sounded like a big sister helping a little sister out. It was easy to read and follow. Although many of the how-to’s were simplistic to adults, they were perfect for a younger crowd, who  maybe doesn’t know much about make up or style.

So, for adults I’d give this 2 stars, and for younger crowds, I’d give this 3 stars.


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