Killer Entertainment: Sons of Anarchy


This is a post long time coming. Today’s edition of Killer Entertainment is focusing on the series finale of Sons of Anarchy.

It has been seven years since the Sons first graced our television screens and boy, has it been an intensely wild ride.

First, let’s talk about the acting. I’m only truly going to place emphasis on the last season, but that is not to say that the acting before this season was not good. That being said, let us begin.

The Acting:
Katey Sagal who plays Gemma Teller. She was wonderful. She did such an impeccable job at playing this conniving bitch. She got the viewer to hater her and understand her all at once. By the end of it, I must say I did shed a tear (or more) for Gemma Teller but there was no other way her character could go. Her character did so much wrong in the entire series and her ending was one that had to come the way it did.

Theo Rossi plays the long lost soul, Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz, who got caught up in Gemma’s web. Although siding with her was not his first offense, protecting her would lead to his ultimate demise. Rossi’s character truly came into his own in the last season. In the beginning of the show, Juice was more of a joke than anything else, however, in the end Rossi played him beautifully. He made me feel so deeply for him in each of his scenes while he was in prison. I wanted to jump into the television, hug him, and tell him that it’s going to be ok. (although I’d be lying). The scene when Juice finally tells Jax what happened is a scene that is Emmy worthy. Juice’s death hit me really hard, especially Juice’s line delivery right before his murder. (I’m holding back tears just thinking about it).

Jimmy Smits plays Gemma’s boo, Nero Padilla. Now talk about Emmy worthy. The scene where Jax calls Nero looking for Gemma and tells him the truth about what she did, while she’s right in front of him. My God. That was acting at its finest. I cried. His facial expressions were on point. A little further when Jax and Nero have a heart to heart about it, OH MY GOD. That was not acting, that was true emotion. I literally bawled in my seat. Smits is amazing.

The last person I’m going to talk about is Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jackson “Jax” Teller, the most complex and beautifully written character in the show. Hunnam is another person on the show who deeply deserves an Emmy Nomination for his absolutely tremendous work in Sons of Anarchy. Throughout the seasons you, as a viewer, truly grow with Jax. You grow to root for him and when he falls, you fall with him. Hunnam was absolutely amazing in the final season. His acting truly grew better along the seasons. Each scene I earlier highlighted would not have been as powerful if it weren’t for the acting of Hunnam. Yes, each person above can definitely hold their own, but with Hunnam on the other side of their scenes was a thing of pure beauty. It was truly something to marvel at. Anyone who thinks Hunnam is just some silly action guy from Pacific Rim has never been more wrong about a person. I’ve also had to immense pleasure of meeting Charlie Hunnam twice and he was the absolute nicest person. He strives to be wonderful and he has done so in his career and as a human.

The Ending:
I have heard many complaints about the finale of the show, mostly meaning the ending of the 113 minute episode. To recap it, Jax goes on a type of murderous rampage and shoots down multiple people who deserve it, which is preluded by Jax telling Patterson that by the end of the day “The bad guys lose.” He stages a fake struggle with the rest of the Sons after their Mayhem Vote and says his heartfelt good byes, and heads to a spot most frequented by his biological father, J.T. After being spotted by a Cal Highway Patrol, he rides off, allowing for multiple police cars to follow him until he sees his chance, his chance to end it all…like J.T. It is then that he drives his father’s motorcycle into an oncoming semi truck.

I’ve heard people say that this is a cowards way out. What I have to say to these people is, why? Why is it a cowards way out? If anything, I believe he was doing the rest of the Sons a favor. Who would you have kill Jax instead? Chibbs, Tigg, Ratboy, HAPPY?! No. No. No. Rather than place this weight on his brothers, he took on the burden. His suicide is playing homage to his father, obviously, and did we all forget that he’s a biker? Biker’s live on their own terms and they are going out on their own terms as well. So. Shush.

I’ve also heard that the ending was cheesey because Jax spread out his arms. Have you guys heard of symbolism? “The crow flies straight.” SAMCRO. They are crows. His arms symbolize wings. He’s “flying” straight into sweet sweet release. But yeah. That’s cheesy, I do agree but I also totally and completely understand why this last scene was done how it was and it was beautiful and I have no criticisms.

I love this show and the series finale was poignant and did not leave anything unanswered.


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