Silver Linings Playbook

Usually against MTI Covers but I got this for $4. I can deal for that kind of deal :p

Usually against MTI Covers but I got this for $4. I can deal for that kind of deal :p

Title: Silver Linings Playbook
Author: Matthew Quick
Original Publication Date: January 8th, 2008
Original Price: $15 (paperback)
Number of Pages: 289
Starkiller Rating: ★★★★✫

Quick Synopsis:  A man with a mental illness, who believes his life is a film produced by God, jumps through hoops to try to give himself his Silver Lining (or his perfect ending).

That was an alright synopsis right?

Chances are, you’ve heard of this book, because you’ve heard of (or seen) the film. While the movie is amazing, it is almost entirely different from the book. The initial plots are fairly similar but there are different focuses throughout the novel. Overall, the plot is sadder and happier all at the same time.

Quick tackles the task of telling the audience the plot through journal entries recapping Pat (the main character’s) life trying to get Nikki (his wife) back after leaving “the bad place” (mental hospital). It is repetitive, heavy, and lighthearted, which really allows the reader to gain so much insight into the character of Pat. However, with this knowledge, and the first person account of what is going on, you can’t help but feel so bad for Pat. I found myself wanting to be in the book to snap Pat out of it and tell him “IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!”

What’s a better sign of great writing? Quick made me feel deeply for Pat and his mother. Tiffany was less likeable (to me) in the book but she had so many wonderful interactions with Pat.

The writing and character development are highly entertaining. The only true criticism I have is the repetitive nature of Pat but honestly, it’s highly understandable.

The novel was meaningful, funny, a bit dark, and highly poignant in it’s themes.

Both the film and the novel are two of my favorites in their respective categories.


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