Killer Entertainment: Nightcrawler

This has been an installment of Killer Entertainment long-coming. I recently went to a screening of Jake Gyllenhaal’s new flick, Nightcrawler. Written and Directed by Dan Gilroy ( screenplay: The Bourne Legacy), Nightcrawler is this year’s answer to Drive.

It follows an unlikely main character, Lou (Gyllenhaal), on his quest to get his life going. Only to find, that Lou will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

(questionable synopsis really.)

Here’s the bottom line, first; this movie is amazing. Gyllenhaal did an absolutely incredible job. He lost a ton of weight and looked like the most weaselly Β looking person I’d seen him play. He was actually frightening to watch on screen. But that isn’t because of his weight loss or overall greasyness, it was his acting. My goodness. Lou was not a particularly scary or threatening person at first glance. He is almost frail, in ill fitting thrift store clothing, but Gyllenhaal is incredible at making Lou one of the most downright menacing and powerful characters I have seen him play.

The film takes place in present day Los Angeles, mostly during the night time, which makes for some visually beautiful shots of the city I call home. Another thing I truly loved about this film is that it was mostly shot on a street so close to my house, that everything was instantly recognizable. However, I noticed so many of the same things over and over again that it almost detracted from the story. I was so distracted by it all. I got over it though, by paying attention to the incredible story.

You might be wondering why I compared it to Drive.

Well, it stars a hot dude who can seriously take care of business. There is also a really action-packed and wonderfully shot chase scene that is more than enough to entertain anyone.

I have heard a lot about this movie being “a guy movie” but no. No. NO. It is an EVERYONE movie. (except for kids). It is well written, there is tremendous acting, it is beautifully shot. I loved it. There are so many cringe worthy themes throughout the film that you just can’t help but love it.


Highly recommend to lovers of film, and especially loves of Jake Gyllenhaal (as an actor over a heart-throb)


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