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Title: Coraline
Author: Neil Gaiman
Original Publication Date: August 4th, 2002
Original Price: $6.99 (paperback)
Number of Pages: 162
Starkiller Rating: ★★★✫✫


Quick Synopsis: Coraline Jones goes through a tiny door in her new home, only to find out that there is another world so similar to hers, she can hardly tell the difference. However, there’s another Mother there who aims to keep Coraline in her world, all for herself.

Let’s take this second to marvel at my synopsis, yeah? Yeah


Coraline is a truly terrifying story for children, and honestly adults as well. It’s a wonderful book for all ages that delves into the themes of family and homecoming. This story touches on the feelings that everyone has about their lives. My life could be better. My mom sucks, I never get to have candy. And so on and so forth. So in that sense, this story is so highly relate-able, I regret not reading it as a youngster.

Coraline is an adventurous young girl who feels stuck with very bland (non-adventurous parents). So, when she has the chance to escape into a land much like her own, but FUN, she jumps at the chance. It’s very reminiscent of that cool aunt you had that would always give you ice cream and toys. But you know, not evil.

The art in this book, seems to be a staple, in the book world, but…I didn’t really like it. Dave McKean is the illustrator. He works with Gaiman on like every one of his projects. McKean also illustrated one of my favorite graphic novels: Arkham Asylum- A Serious House on Serious Earth. However, the art in Coraline seemed all too frantic to me. Don’t get me wrong, the art in Arkham is really frantic too but it’s more put together. In a way, it’s so much more terrifying. In Coraline, it just seemed like unfinished sketches of things that were potentially creepy. But yeah, I guess it had to be dialed down for the children.

Anyway, this is a great story for everyone and I entirely suggest reading it.


4 thoughts on “Coraline

  1. Kat says:

    It’s sad to hear you didn’t like the art very much, but glad you thought differently for the actual story. I watched the film recently and was extremely creeped out – it makes me want to read the book even more.

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