Jason Segel Signing at The Grove

OMG. He’s so cute ❤ ____ ❤

I just want to put this out there. Many people know this already but, Jason Segel is one of my biggest celebrity crushes, like ever. I think he’s hilarious and just so super cute. So when I heard he was having a book signing for his debut novel, Nightmares! at The Grove, I had to go. HAD TO GO.

This is going to be short, as this was a short event. Literally, only a signing.

So we got there  relatively early. Around noonish. The event was set for 2pm. There was plenty of wristbands left when we got there. We got C-Member wristbands, so we were in the first packs to see him.

We got lunch, walked around, then went to the wonderfully set up line. We sat for like 15 minutes and in less time than it took to wait, we were getting up, walking towards him and getting our book signed. He actually started the even early for everyone

However, there was a little lull in between when Segel signed a bunch of books for some little kids and it was super adorable and I love him even more for it.

I got to talk to him and take pictures with him but I’ll never post those because I was too excited and made too derpy of a smile…

The event was advertised as a reading and signing but there were just so many people, there’s no way they could have made that happen.

Props to B&N at the Grove for handing such a huge event effortlessly.

We were in our car, on the way out of the parking structure by, 2:15pm.


The only picture of us anyone will ever see...

The only picture of us anyone will ever see…



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