The Death of Archie

I took this pic inside a car...

I took this pic inside a car…

Title: The Death of Archie: A Life Celebrated
Author: Paul Kupperberg
Original Publication Date: August 19th, 2014
Original Price: $14.99 (paperback)
Number of Pages: 112
Starkiller Rating: ★★★✫✫

Quick Synopsis: Archie dies and this is a comic celebrating his life.

I know that sounds like a cop-out kind of synopsis but that’s legit what this comic is about.

I’m going to lay this out right now, I liked it. I’m not a crazy huge Archie fan but I have read and enjoyed some Archie. I’m sure this would be a 4 or maybe 5 star comic for someone who was a much more avid reader of Archie than I. It is well-written and moving. The story really does show the advancement of our society. I won’t spoil how he dies but, let me tell you, it’s moving. It’s radical, and it’s a perfect reflection of our current cultural paradigms.

The art is what you would expect of an Archie comic book. Colorful, poppy, the usual.

My “complaint” and I’m not sure it can really be a complaint is that in the story, Archie is married, but they never say if he married Betty or Veronica. Like, the artist goes out of his way to be so absolutely obvious by just cutting her head out of every panel she’s in.

I know, I get it, it’s the conclusion of the arcs where Archie marries each one (respectively) and you can read whichever one you want, but come on. Just have him choose already.

But, yeah, I get it too. Archie is a comic book legend. And so is the love triangle he, Betty, and Veronica have to face.

And, I guess, that’s fine…

Don’t get me wrong though, I really liked it. It was a beautiful way to go.

A Must-Read for any Archie fan.


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