Gayle Forman Signing at the Americana

I did it guys! I went to another book event! Woop woop. 

IMG_5402It was a discussion and signing by Gayle Forman and R.J. Cutler (Director of If I Stay). Once they both arrived at the event area, Gayle Forman acted as a kind of moderator. She went right into it and asked R.J. so many beautiful and enlightening questions. They discussed how great Chloe Grace Moretz was to work with and what an amazing actress she is. They had about an hour long discussion. They also opened it up to questions from the audience and there were some really great ones. 

Questions that were asked included: Why did Gayle Forman decide to make Mia play the cello? Did someone knowingly make a question mark out of the movie poster? and Why did RJ (a documentarian decide to film If I Stay?


To which the answers were:
That she didn’t really choose the cello. The character of Mia came to her head one day, already in love with the cello. She said that the cello really and truly chose herself and Mia.

IMG_5398Yes someone did knowingly incorporate a question mark in the movie poster because it was a message. Mia has to deal with a very important weighted question and the designer wanted everyone who would see this poster to know about it. I honestly think it’s beautiful and a tremendously wonderful idea. 

RJ Cutler said he read the book and it made him reflect. It made him cry. It was then that he knew that he needed to make this film. He needed to bring this story to the masses.

It was wonderful. Honestly. It was a mellow and at times funny event but it was more enlightening than anything else. I’m so very glad that I got to go.

IMG_5401The Barnes and Noble at the Americana (aka my work) does not have a very big event space. It seats about 50 people max. That max was filled…and then some. There were definitely a bunch of “Standing Room Only” attendees and that truly excited me. I love being in a room with people that enjoy something just as much as I do. 


After their discussion, it was time for the signing, which honestly, went by really quickly! They were all business. Not very much chit chat with the fans and for some odd reason, fans were not able to take pictures with them, only of them while they were signing. But of course, since I work there, yes, I (and my wonderful blogger co-worker Kurt) got special treatment…

I'm so awkward.

I’m so awkward.






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