Hexed by Michelle Krys

witchaay woman <3

witchaay woman ❤

Title: Hexed (The Witch Hunter #1)
Author: Michelle Krys
Original Publication Date: June 10th, 2014
Original Price: $17.99 (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 384
Starkiller Rating: ★★★✫✫

Quick Synopsis: Indigo Blackwood is one of the most popular girls in school, until she finds out that witches are real, and they’re coming after everyone she loves. 


My synopsis’sss are getting worse and worse. UGH.

I’ve always been interested in witches, witch craft, magic, and paranormal activity. So, of course I was going to read this book. And I did. And I enjoyed it. Very much. But I do have a couple complaints. Like it was written kind of childish. But I’m going to chalk that up to be, Indigo was kind of childish. She was too “High School Cheerleader” in the beginning, which yes, I understand is what she was. I was just getting a little bored of it…that’s pretty much my only complaint. Oh. I didn’t like how Indie was still thinking about Devon and feeling sad that her and Bianca were losing touch. Like, no. I would have been so over it if my friends betrayed me. 

Again though, I’ll chalk that up to be the drama of high school. I haven’t been there for quite a few years so I don’t remember what it’s like. There are just tiny little things like that. Nothing big. The story was great. The writing kept me interested the entire time. I never thought “ugh this is too boring, I dont wannnna”. It was always “omg. whats gunna happen!?”

Also. I’m in love with Bishop. My word. Could Krys have made up a more sexy sounding guy? He was the perfect mixture of snark, wit, caring, and douche all rolled into one. I applaud you Michelle Krys. You created a man every girl who reads this book will swoon for. 

I loved that fact that it took place in Los Angeles (as I do live here). I just sometimes felt like it made Angelinos look…lame. We looked like all we cared about was money and movie stars and that’s not what it’s like at all. Well..I guess for real Angelinos it isn’t. Transplants are a tad different. Either way though, it didn’t make me hate the book or story, and it didn’t detract anything at all. It was more-so and observation.

Anyway, go out and read this exciting book! I can’t wait for the second one!


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