Fierce Reads Summer Blockbuster at the Grove

So, I haven’t gone to many book events. Crazy, I know. But I didn’t always read and review the way I do. It started late 2013. Since then, I’ve been to three book events: LA Festival of Books, Ruin and Rising Launch Party, and Fierce Reads Book Tour. Now, if you’re as big of a nerd as I am, you’ll see how they all correlate…Leigh Bardugo was at each event. She was basically my “draw”. When I found out that Marissa Meyer was also attending this event, I had to go.


calm before the storm.

My boyfriend, Blake is a HUGE Lunar Chronicles fan and wanted to get there early. That’s exactly what we did. The event started at 7 and we were there around 4pm. We got drinks and ate lunch at the Barnes and Noble cafe. Then head on over to the event space where they were holding a mini-event: Batman and DC Trivia to celebrate BATMAN DAY! We won some cool toys, posters, comic books, and cool points. I had never been to the Grove so after that, we walked around for a bit, our main focus being the Farmer’s Market. I didn’t get food because I had been feeling a little under the weather all day, but I will definitely go back to get food there!

When we got back inside and went up to the event space, I saw a couple of my bookish friends, Sara and Kurt, (they each have their own blog). We chat it up a bit and they let us in. Since a good amount of people arrived early, the good people at MacMillan decided to reward us. We got Fierce Reads reusable bags and…ARCS! (I’m going to post about all the ARCs I’ve received this month.) The Community Relations Manager served as the greatest hype-woman! She talked up all the authors and their works, along with the moderator, Anthony Breznican. His debut novel is out and she did so wonderfully describing it that I had to get it. 

The Panel started and my word, all four of these wonderful women were absolutely hilarious.


IMG_5339Marissa Meyer was a total sweetheart and Leigh Bardugo was charming and funny. Meyer realized that Blake was a huge fan and asked if he wanted a picture. I swear, it was like a child meeting Santa Claus, I’d never seen him so happy. So, for that, Marissa Meyer, THANK YOU for being the sweetest and for making Blake’s day! Leigh Bardugo remembered us from her last events and, let me tell you, that made my day, haha. She also gave me a nail polish and we (along with Anna Banks and Ann Aguirre) discussed which superheroes we’d like to date. IMG_5338Fun times. Anyway, Anna Banks was by far, the funniest though. She was so try and sarcastic, I just couldn’t handle it. I had no idea she was like that. My biggest regret was not reading her books beforehand…but she has a new book coming out called, Joyride. It is partly autobiographical and I’m definitely picking it up. Anne Aguirre reminded me of myself. She was that adorablely awakward person. Ah, I loved her too. I had never read her books either but I decided to buy her book right there, and of course, had her sign it. She described it so great and it sounded like it was right up my alley. I had to get it. 

Cutest Picture Ever.

Cutest Picture Ever.

Goofball signing my book.

Goofball signing my book.

The Moderator was Anthony Breznican. He writes for Entertainment Weekly and his debut novel, Brutal Youth, came out very recently. I had never heard of it but they talked about it a lot through the course of the night and I had to get it. It sounded so dark. But not fantasy dark, like humans causing others harm. Right up my alley. So after the pannel, quite a few people went over to him and had him sign their books. Honestly, I’d never seen someone so happy. He was so very genuinely excited that a bunch of us book nerds had him sign his book. He even took the time to write everyone a little letter along with his signature. Overall, it was a wonderful turn out and one of the funnest events I’ve ever been to. I will definitely try to go to more!

More Pics from Our Adventure:

Kurt talking up Bresnikan

Kurt talking up Breznican


Pretty Grove Lights, while walking back to the car


He was a happy camper ❤

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