May Book Club Meet



In March, I started a book club among my friends and myself. We decided to make it a sort of Book to Movie Club. We started it off with Divergent. April was Under the Skin and May was…World War Z.

I held a giveaway for next month’s book: All You Need Is Kill. The rules were to post a picture inspired by the book or the movie. Here is the winning picture and her selfie with her prize.

Winner, winner.

I also gave out some John Green samplers, along with some ARC editions of various books.

Chicken dinner.

Chicken dinner.

I’m kind of a generous book club host.

Anyway, back to the book.

World War Z was definitely my favorite book and movie of the three my club has chosen to read. We held the club meeting at a members house. The movie was projected onto a white sheet and we had all the snacks in the world. It was an absolutely fun meeting that held a lot of good conversation.

The unique writing style of Max Brooks was one of our choice topics, along with how well the filmmakers integrated the various stories from the books into the film.


Overall, good stuff. Here are some more pics.





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