Goodwill Book Haul


After work today, I decided to venture into the near by Goodwill. I was definitely not let down. The first two book cases did not really appeal to me (a lot of text books and Magic the Gathering). The disappointment was beginning to set in but I decided to trek on.

Mixed in with the hundreds of Twilight books (I already had) I found Catching Fire, Mockingjay, and I Am Number Four. Things were looking good.

I went through two more book cases and nothing. But it was fine, I was getting two books I loved but didnt have physical copies for and a book I had been wanting for ages. I went through two end caps, hoping to find a hidden gem. Lo and behold, I found them, just as all hope was lost: Flipped and The Great Gatsby.

I nearly ran with excitement to the cashier where I got 50% off of $2 books, ending with a total of nearly $9.

I’m all for supporting book stores, corporate and independently owned alike (considering I work at Barnes & Noble and am a huge fan of Movie World in Burbank, CA), but if you want a quick fix, Goodwill is a go to place.


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