Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I finally uploaded my own picture! Proud of me?

I finally uploaded my own picture! Proud of me?

Title: Fangirl
: Rainbow Rowell
Original Publication Date: September 10th, 2013
Original Price: $18.99 (Hardcover)
My Price: Free (Borrowed)
Number of Pages: 445

Quick Synopsis: Cather is terribly dependent on her twin sister Wren and her uncontrollable love for Simon Snow. She’s devoted most of her teen life writing Simon/Baz fanfiction. But this year has to be different. She’s starting college, living in a dorm, and forced to do it without the help of the person she trusts the most, Wren. College drama ensues.

As per usual, spoilers ahead.

To be completely honest, I’m split on this book. The writing was great. Very easy to follow as well as very easy to relate to. Some parts were crazy funny and some were genuinely frustrating. I did find myself falling for Levi a couple times but ultimately, I wasn’t too interested in him…as a fictional boyfriend. However, I did like him as a character. I liked most of the characters. Wren was one of my least liked though.

When Wren almost dies of alcohol poisoning and her dad is furious, telling her not to drink anymore, she acts like such a child. I know it was on purpose but come on. It made me want to slap the youth out of her. Another of my complaints, I guess I could call them that, was a few things about Cather.

I feel like Cather went from not really being interested in Levi, to having all these overwhelming feelings for him in about a paragraphs worth of time. I felt like their connection was wholly missed in the beginning. But of course, after their first major scene together, when the truth comes out, they’re adorable. Maybe I wasn’t picking up on key flirts, just like she wasn’t (The struggle of being socially awkward.) Another thing that bugged me about her was her reaction to her Fiction Writing final.

I feel like if one of my Professors gave me a chance to fix whatever I had missed or messed up, I would but my heart and soul into fixing it. Cath is a nerd. Hands down. A NERD. So wouldn’t a nerd, with a Scholarship, try to keep that Scholarship? Again. Maybe I’m missing key things. A part of her personality felt forced. It felt as if someone who didn’t understand nerd-dom was writing about nerd-dom. OR MAYBE. Someone who doesn’t entirely understand nerd-dom, is reading about nerd-dom. Because, I must admit, I have never once read or written any form of Fan-Fiction. So, maybe, I’m not really understanding how much it could truly mean to someone.

I guess I should compare it to this blog sometime…

I also though that the excerpts from her fan-fiction and excerpts from the Simon Snow books were too much. I felt like they added nothing to the story and eventually found myself just skipping over them..

Either way. I’m looking forward to reading Eleanor and Park soon.


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