Hot Gimmick Vol. 1 by Miki Aihara

found on tumblr.

Title: Hot Gimmick Vol. 1
Author: Miki Aihara
Original Publication Date: October 15, 2003
Original Price: $9.95 (Paperback)
My Price: $3.33 (3for$10-Anime Jungle)
Number of Pages: 192

Quick Synopsis: This series is about Hatsumi Narita, who lives in company housing, overlooked by a total dictator, Mrs. Tachibana, who happens to be wife of the Vice President of the company. She’s crazy, and will definitely judge a family by any of their actions, leading their jobs being on the line. Hatsumi’s younger sister, Akane, thinks she might be pregnant and forces Hatsumi to get her a pregnancy test. But of course, who sees her with the pregnancy test? Ryoki, the son of the Tachibana family. Hilarity and shenanigans ensue.


So I liked this premise. It’s different from the mangas I’m used to. From what I hear though, it isn’t that farfetched in the world of manga. Well, I don’t care. I liked it. Characters are funny and they have deep relationships with one another. Like Hatsumi and Ryoki have known each other since they were kids and for some strange reason, Ryoki just can’t flipping stand Hatsumi. Don’t ask me where this hatred comes from but I hope I find out soon.

The art is, as usual, totally kawaii. To this day though, I haven’t seen a manga with art I didn’t like. I know some people don’t really like manga for this very reason. The art in most series look fairly similar. That does not make it bad though. Just a little familiar. But, yeah, the more of the same genre you read, the more similarities you’ll find between the different pieces. Don’t let that hold you back from finding a sweet gem though.

But like I said, Hot Gimmick is good. It’s adorable and it makes you root for one character over the other. As well as make you hate another.

Totally read it if you’re a fan of love triangles, shojo, and manga.


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