Divergent by Veronica Roth


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Quick Synopsis: In a dystopian society, the people have broken up into 5 different factions. Each faction respectively devotes their lives to a different virtue (Abnegation: Selflessniss, Candor: Honesty, Erudite: Knowledge, Dauntless: Bravery, and Amity: Peace). On the adolescents’ 16th year, they have to decide between leaving their home faction or staying. Beatrice has a tough time deciding what she will do, but she’ll soon realize, it probably isn’t her biggest decision.

Writing a synopsis is the toughest part of these reviews. Either way, Divergent is a really great story of bravery and percevierance. And this isn’t just true of the main character, Tris (Beatrice). Practically every character I cared about throughout this story overcame great obstacles that I, for one, never would have even dared to try. As an avid YA reader, I am always all for the female characters being strong physically and mentally. Tris is one of those pivital female YA leads that will show younger female readers that life isn’t all about a boy, even though, a few moments will be. Tris, doesn’t solely focus on romance. Yes, of course she thinks about it sometimes, but she is a human. What I’m trying to get at, is that she doesn’t think that he’s the only thing in this world. Quite a few things happen that any writer could have thrown her into a depression for, but Roth didn’t and I totally love that.

But let’s touch on those “all about a boy” scenes. My goodness. They’re kind of sexy. Not even going to lie. They kinda are. Maybe not okay for younger readers. Assuming everyone reading is a teenager or older though, perfect. Perfect amount of romance. It isn’t overbearing but it isn’t scarce. While reading, I could definitely feel the nerves that she feels, the butterflies, the sensations along our skin. I loved it.

I’d also like to add: I’m totally loving this wave of treating female characters like that badasses we are.

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