The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

photo found on google

photo found on google

Quick Synopsis: Don, a socially stifled 40 year old genetics professor, decides that he wants a wife. Thus leading to a new experiment, “The Wife Project”. Along the way he reaches some difficulties and gains a few other side projects. (an itty-bitty bit of spoilers up ahead, obvs)

Don Tillman seems eerily familiar, like, seriously. If you’ve ever seen The Big Bang Theory, Don is pretty much Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon never really admits to having any disorder other than being a genius but Don, on the other hand, realizes that he may share a few common attributes to the people with Asperger’s that he researched. So pretty much, in short, he cant’ really read sarcasm or peoples emotions/facial reactions.

By the end though, he’s so adorable, that he almost makes a complete turn around. He tries to be “socially accepted” and learns to be more social all because of a very special girl, Rosie, who walked into his life almost completely on accident.

Rosie and Don’s story is so relate able, in the sense, that you could totally meet someone and be so sure that they are nothing more than a friend. But the more you get to know them, the more you realize, “hey, this person, this person who you spend all my days with, they aren’t too bad” and that’s pretty much what happens, just obviously way sweeter/cuter/and much more well-written.

I got this as a sale e-book from the amazon kindle book store for $1.99 and I can honestly say: I would spend full price on the physical book if I could easily find it. Maybe it’s not that possible in the states as it is in Australia but it definitely should be.

It’s well-written and relate able. It’s a bit of comedy (with legit “lol” moments) and a bit drama (with legit feels and tears) that comes together and makes a truly romantic story.

If I were you, I’d read the shit out of this.


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